The Shock Absorber Pit


9 thoughts on “The Shock Absorber Pit

    1. These are Monroe original series shock absorbers. Normally they last about 120 thousands km’s. These were leaking oil. We had to replace them.

      1. Oh yes, once that oil seal is broken they’ve got to go. Same as with the Struts that hold your deck lid or Mini Van rear door up.

      1. Not really, as a kid I loved working on my dirt bikes, but my family used to own three GM dealerships. The last was sold late 2018 as my father is now 90 years young! Working in the Parts Department for a few years makes you learn car parts! That among other such as New Car Sales and other departments.

      2. That is simply great. Knowledge is a blessing. I started working on 4×4 vehicles as a hobby and I just love it. I have a law degree but I love car mechanic. Fixing and improving, changing and upgrading is what I love.
        I wish you and your family all the best in life. 👍👍

      3. Thanks so much! Mother passed in 2012, dad is a very strong man inside and out. I worry about him, and being 2000 miles away from Michigan in Las Vegas doesn’t help but it’s my home now.

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