Winter Oranges


4 thoughts on “Winter Oranges

  1. This photograph is taken now, in January?

    I am asking because it is very interesting to see oranges in a tree because here, if I look outside I see everything is pure white (because of snow).

    1. I took this photo this week. Here we don’t have snow in the winter. We are having very sunny days with temperatures around 14°C. We have good oranges on this tree from December to April. I am also going to post photos from a big lemon tree. With awesome lemons normally from January to May.

      1. It is very interesting to have such warm winter.
        I guess they smell very nice ( unless you use some chemicals as insect repellent).

      2. We have a great sunny winter. They smell awesome. It’s completely natural. No chemicals no nothing. Just water. And they are so sweet and juicy that you can’t imagine.

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